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  • With an opening concert from pop star Katy Perry and an appearance by former basketball player Kobe Bryant, China’s Singles Day sale — Alibaba’s annual orgy of consumption — kicks off this week with more glitz and money than ever before.借助流行歌手凯蒂.佩里(Katty Perry)举办揭幕演唱会和退役篮球运动员科比.布莱恩特(Kobe Bryant)出场,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的年度消费狂欢——中国光棍节销售活动——本周以前所未有的排场和资金规模启动。The 24-hour sale, which takes place on November 11 (more graphically, 11.11) was not invented by Alibaba but the ecommerce group has made it a fixture of the retail calendar. Now the company plans to use the brouhaha around the event to launch itself beyond mainland China.这一发生在11月11日的24小时销售活动并不是阿里巴巴的发明,但这家电子商务集团已令该日期成为零售业日历中的一个固定节日。如今,该公司打算利用围绕这一活动的喧嚣,将其推广至中国境外。As a China-only event, Singles Day has aly blown America’s Black Friday out of the water. Alibaba turned over .3bn on November 11 last year, compared to the .1bn spent online in the US over the whole five-day period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, which includes Black Friday when retailers kick off the holiday season with big discounts.作为一个只存在于中国的活动,光棍节已经远远超越了美国的“黑色星期五”(Black Friday)。去年11月11日阿里巴巴的营业额达到143亿美元。相比之下,从感恩节到“超级星期一”(Cyber Monday)的整个五天时间里(涵盖美国各零售商以大幅折扣启动圣诞假日销售的黑色星期五),美国的网购花销为111亿美元。The company is exploiting a trove of big data gathered through its retail, streaming and payment platforms in China, and this year it is launching a pilot programme targeting Singles Day shoppers in Hong Kong and Taiwan for the first time. Next year it plans to target Southeast Asia.该公司正在挖掘通过其零售、流媒体及付平台收集的大数据。今年,它要在香港和台湾首次推出面向光棍节购物者的试点计划。明年,该公司还打算以东南亚地区的购物者为目标。It is also expanding via mergers and acquisitions, such as its stakes in Southeast Asian ecommerce group Lazada.此外,该公司还通过并购——比如其在东南亚电子商务集团Lazada所持股份——不断发展壮大。But internationalisation is a tough ask for Alibaba, say analysts, as it is for peers Baidu and Tencent. China’s tech trinity, collectively known as BAT, have grown rapidly at home, unshackled by international competition, but have taken little more than baby steps abroad. The reverse, analysts add, is also true: Amazon has failed to make much headway in China.不过,分析师们表示,对阿里巴巴来说,国际化是一个艰巨任务——这对其国内同行百度(Baidu)和腾讯(Tencent)也是如此。这三家中国科技公司合称BAT,它们在国内因未受国际竞争约束而迅速增长,但在境外只能小步走。分析师们还表示,这一点反过来也成立:亚马逊(Amazon)在中国就未能打开局面。“There’s a tremendous challenge to take it global,” says Scott Likens, who heads PwC’s analytics and emerging technologies business in Hong Kong. “The model that works in China does not work outside China, or at least not as well.”普华永道(PwC)香港分析及新兴科技业务的负责人李敬思(Scott Likens)表示:“阿里巴巴走向全球面临巨大挑战。在中国管用的模式在国外未必有效,或至少不是同样有效。”Jack Ma, the one-time English teacher who founded Alibaba, has set a target of 2bn consumers in the next decade. In other words, come 2026, he expects roughly one in four people in the world to shop through Alibaba’s ecommerce platforms including Taobao and Tmall.曾经当过英语老师的阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)为未来10年设定了一个20亿消费者的目标。换句话说,到2026年,他预计全球将有大约四分之一的人通过阿里巴巴的电商平台购物,包括淘宝和天猫。These global ambitions are typically immodest. Mr Ma describes his plans for a “World e-Trade Platform” as a sort of World Trade Organisation without disputes, helping “the 80 per cent of companies and developing countries that cannot participate in world trade” to sell overseas.这些全球雄心通常过于自信。马云称他的“世界电子贸易平台”计划好比一种没有纠纷的世界贸易组织(WTO),帮助“80%没有机会参与世界贸易的公司和发展中国家”在海外销售商品。His claims to be overturning the concept of ecommerce are equally bold. Alibaba is becoming a “consumer-to-business” company, rewriting the retail rule book, it says, so that shoppers, through big data, tell retailers what they want to buy.他提出的颠覆电商概念的言论同样大胆。阿里巴巴称,该公司正变成一个“消费者对企业”的公司,重写零售业规则,让购物者通过大数据告诉零售商他们希望购买什么。“We will become the future of new retail,” says Daniel Zhang, Alibaba chief executive. “Product design and manufacturing will move in the direction of truly being driven by big data.”“我们将变成新型零售业的未来,”阿里巴巴首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)表示,“产品设计和制造将沿着真正由大数据推动的方向发展。”In essence, this means Alibaba using past shopping and browsing habits to anticipate what consumers are interested in and to curate pages accordingly.本质上,这意味着阿里巴巴正利用过去的购买和浏览习惯,据此预测消费者感兴趣的商品和管理网页。Alibaba’s interests give it a much bigger trove of data on customers than that collected by international rivals such as Amazon. A Chinese consumer can (and does) spend a sizeable chunk of time in Alibaba’s web. Its 450m monthly mobile users spend an average 20 minutes per day on a personalised Taobao app, streaming service Youku Tudou has 580m subscribers, and Alibaba part-owns the payments platform Ant Financial.阿里巴巴广泛涉足各类业务,令其获得了远超亚马逊等国际竞争对手的顾客数据。中国消费者可能(也确实)在阿里巴巴网站上花费大量时间。其4.5亿月度移动用户平均每天在淘宝个性化应用上逗留20分钟,流媒体务优酷土豆(Youku Tudou)的用户达5.8亿,阿里巴巴还持有付平台蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)部分股权。“As a digital company they collect your behaviour,” says Steven Lu of Bain amp; Co’s technology practice in Shanghai. “And they’ve started to monetise that through the core business.”“作为一家数字公司,他们会收集用户行为,”贝恩公司(Bain amp; Co)驻上海技术业务主管Steven Lu表示,“他们已开始通过核心业务将其货币化。”Providing more data to merchants means Alibaba can charge higher commissions, which on Tmall typically range from 0.4 to 5 per cent.为商户提供更多数据意味着,阿里巴巴可以收取较高佣金,天猫的佣金费率一般介于0.4%至5%之间。Typical ecommerce models are predicated on there being a physical product on a shelf with a price sticker attached, says PwC’s Mr Likens: customers select from the products on offer and pay the set price.普华永道的李敬思表示,一般的电商模式基于货架上有一个贴有标签的实物商品:顾客从商家提供的商品中进行选择,然后付确定价格。“But in the new world of BAT that doesn’t need to be the case,” he says. “The infrastructure is there, the data are there, the analytics are there. It’s just a matter of pulling them together. So pricing could be dynamic, as we have seen in other industries such as airlines and hotels.”“然而,在BAT鼎立的新世界里,情况不需要如此,”他表示,“有基础设施,有数据,有分析工具。只是一个把这些集合在一起的问题。因此定价可以是动态的,就像我们在航空公司和酒店等其他行业看到的那样。”Data also help with logistics and inventory planning, adds Mr Lu. For example, shoppers can put their selected items in virtual carts ahead of Singles Day to assure delivery.Steven Lu补充称,数据还为物流和库存规划提供了帮助。例如,购物者可以在光棍节之前将自己选定的商品加入虚拟购物车,以确保商品能够送达。By analysing how many times shoppers refresh their carts and refill them, Alibaba can measure the likelihood of purchase. That data can helping merchants estimate how much inventory they need and where.通过分析购物者刷新和装满购物车的次数,阿里巴巴能够衡量他们的购买几率。这些数据可以帮助商户估计他们需要多少库存,这些库存应该部署在哪里。That in turn can help make logistics more efficient and, for merchants, reduce the time that capital is tied up, Mr Lu says.Steven Lu表示,这进而可以帮助提高物流效率,而且对于商户还可以缩短资金占用时间。While shoppers race to snap up bargains, merchants and industry players will be parsing the numbers to see if Alibaba can pull off a seventh year of turbocharged growth.在消费者纷纷抢购低价商品之际,商户和行业参与者将梳理数据,看阿里巴巴能否连续第七年实现迅猛增长。“They’ve crushed every record every year, so how long can they sustain that?” asks Mr Likens. However, “the story has been good so far so I would not bet against them”.“他们每年都打破纪录,这种情况能持续多久?”李敬思问道。然而,“迄今的情况非常好,所以我不会看空他们”。 /201611/476878
  • Step 1: Switch on some background music步骤1:开始播放一些背景音乐It doesn’t have to be loud, but it has to be music you enjoy to help you relax. Whether you play it through your television’s audio bouquet or on your stereo, the most important thing is to have something relaxing playing in the background.背景音乐声音不用太大,但是必须是你喜欢的帮你放松的音乐。不论你是通过电视音频或者立体音响来播放音乐,最重要的事情就是你需要一些放松的音乐作为背景。Step 2: Get your clothing together步骤2:把衣放在一起This step is most important during the winter months. There’s nothing worse than getting out of a steamy bath and then having to find clothes to wear while you’re shivering. So, find clothes you’d like to wear after your bath and keep them close to retain the heat from your bath.这个步骤在冬天的时候是最重要的。没有什么比洗完热水澡出来之后冻得浑身发抖地找衣更坏的事情了。因此,找出你在沐浴后想要穿的衣,把衣放在一起来保持你洗澡后的热量。Step 3: Turn on the hot water步骤3:打开热水Time to turn up the heat! You can’t have a bath without water, but it might take a while to reach a comfortable temperature. Keep an eye on the temperature as you complete the next steps.是时候打开热水了!没有水当然洗不了澡,但是或许需要放一会儿水,水温才能达到舒适的温度。在完成下面的步骤之前要留意温度。Step 4: Light a few candles步骤4:点燃一些蜡烛Candles have an amazing way of creating ambiance in a room. If possible, choose scented candles to fill the room with a relaxing aroma. However, regardless of the type of candles, just make sure you have a few to place around the tub and in your bathroom to create artificial light to help your mind to relax—which is exactly what you’re after.蜡烛是在屋里面营造氛围的美妙方式。如果可能的话,可以选择带有芳香的蜡烛,让房间充满放松的香味。然而,不论是何种类型的蜡烛,都要确保你在浴桶和浴室周围点燃几根蜡烛,来营造让自己心绪放松的光线——这正是你所追求的感觉。Step 5: Grab your favorite drink步骤5:拿一杯你喜欢的饮料The heat will make you thirsty, so don’t forget to grab your favorite drink. Whether it’s a glass of wine or a little bit of juice, remember to grab enough so you don’t have to interrupt your relaxing bath to get another drink.热水的热量会让你口渴,所以不要妄自拿上一杯你喜欢的饮料。无论是一杯酒还是一点点果汁,都要记住拿够,这样你就不会因为需要去拿另一杯饮料而打扰自己放松的沐浴了。 /201702/493717
  • A woman who got pregnant after having sex with a male escort in a German hotel has failed in a legal battle to find out his name.一名女子在德国的一家宾馆中与一名三陪男发生性关系后怀。但是,在法庭上,她所提出的调查孩子的父亲是谁的诉求被驳回。The hotel where they spent three nights in 2010, in the city of Halle, does not have to tell her the man#39;s name, a court in Munich ruled.慕尼黑一家法院裁定,他们2010年在哈雷市共度了三个晚上的那家宾馆,不必向女方透露该男子的姓名。The man#39;s right to privacy outweighed the woman#39;s claim for child support payments from him, the ruling said.该裁决称,与女方向男方索要孩子抚养费的诉求相比,男方的隐私权更加重要。She knew him as ;Michael; but three other Michaels were also at the hotel.她只知道孩子的父亲叫“迈克尔”,但在当天,那家宾馆里还有另外三个叫“迈克尔”的男人入住。Each of the four Michaels had a right to ;control their own data and protect their own marriage and family;, the ruling said.法院裁决称,这四位“迈克尔先生”都有权“掌管自己的信息以免泄露,来保护自己的婚姻和家庭生活”。The woman - not named in the case - said she had got pregnant after staying with ;Michael; in a room on the second floor. She now has a seven-year-old son called Joel.在这起案件中没有透露姓名的该女子称,她在与“迈克尔先生”在酒店二楼的房间内发生关系后怀。而现在,她的儿子约耳已经七岁了。The court decided that her lack of detail about the man raised the risk of personal data ;simply being released at random;.法庭判决,由于她提供的关于该名男子的信息有限,进行调查有很大风险会导致个人信息“被随意泄露”。German privacy laws are among the strictest in Europe. It is partly a legacy of history - under the Nazis, then later under the communist East German regime, there was intrusive mass surveillance, with grievous human rights abuses.德国的隐私法是全欧洲最严格的,部分原因是历史遗留问题--在纳粹时期以及后来东德的社会主义统治时期,当时对民众的过分监视极大地损害了人权。 /201705/508127
  • Accountant Keith Chuck, 58, scooped a prestigious accolade - ;Britain#39;s Best Lawn; - on his third attempt after wowing judges.现年58岁的会计师凯斯·查克近日让评委们惊叹不已,将;英国最佳草坪;这项久负盛名的荣誉收入囊中。这已是他第三次参加这项比赛。Boasting he now has a more impressive garden than the Queen, Keith uses the same grass seeds as Premier League football clubs.凯斯自称现在自家的花园比女王的花园还要令人印象深刻,他使用的草籽与英超联赛足球俱乐部用的一样。The seed was painstakingly planted by hand and it took a year for the lawn to take shape.草籽为手工精心种植,草坪经过1年时间才成型。Keith said he had dreamed of having the perfect lawn since moving into his house eight years ago, but after two failed attempts at winning, he enlisted the help of gardener Danny Hibbert who tends to the grass every single day in the summer.凯斯表示,自8年前搬进这间屋子以来,他就一直梦想着拥有完美的草坪,但两次夺冠失败后,他找了园艺工人丹尼·希伯特做帮手,夏天时丹尼每天都来修整草坪。Father-of-two Keith first came across Danny seven years ago when he witnessed his handiwork and was determined to enlist his help.作为两个孩子的父亲的凯斯是在七年前第一次偶遇丹尼的。当时他亲眼目睹了丹尼的手工,并决心寻求他的帮助。 /201610/473347
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