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Imagine you are in a changing room at a Nordstrom JWN -0.49% store trying on some clothes . You are looking for shoes to complete the look, or want to product reviews, or maybe just summon an associate to bring you an item in a different color or size, rather than have to get decent again and go back out to the store floor (if you even decide not to leave).想象一下,你在诺德斯特龙(Nordstrom)门店的试衣间内试衣。你正找一双配衣的鞋子,或是想看看产品,或只是召唤店员给你拿一件不同颜色或尺码的衣,但你不必脱下来穿回自己的衣后再出去做这一切(如果你没打算离开这家店的话)。At two Nordstrom locations, one in Seattle, the other in San José, the upscale retailer is about to provide customers with technology by eBay EBAY 0.02% to do just that: next week, in select departments at those stores, Nordstrom will begin to test full-length mirrors that, with the tap of a customer’s finger, turn into interactive screens, effectively creating smart fitting rooms.诺德斯特龙即将在西雅图和圣何塞的两家门店中采用eBay的技术,为顾客提供一种新务:下周起,公司将在这两家门店中的特定商品区测试全身试衣镜,用户用手指敲击镜面,就会弹出互动屏幕,营造出智能试衣间的效果。The idea is to bring tech to an untapped part of a store where many customers ultimately make their purchasing decisions: the fitting room.这个想法是要把技术引入一个之前从未涉及的商店区域——试衣间。许多顾客正是在这里做出最终购买决定的。“The way customers shop for clothes has evolved,” Jamie Nordstrom, the retailer’s head of stores and former leader of its Nordstrom Direct digital business, told Fortune. “How do we take all the information that’s available to customers while they’re sitting on the couch at home browsing and add that to the dressing rooms, so it’s the best of both worlds?”诺德斯特龙公司零售业务负责人,数字业务Nordstrom Direct前主管杰米o诺德斯特龙对《财富》(Fortune)表示:“顾客购买衣的方式已经发生了变化。我们如何获取顾客坐在家中沙发上浏览衣时看到的所有信息,并为试衣间增添这样的体验,从而结合两个环境下的优点?”Getting the best of both worlds is the holy grail for retailers eager to take full advantage of their physical stores in this e-commerce era. Nordstrom, widely considered a technology leader among brick and mortar retailers, plans between this year and 2018 to have spent .2 billion on tech, including e-commerce, fulfillment centers, and in-store service enhancements, such as these connected fitting rooms. Last quarter, comparable sales at its department stores were unchanged, showing how important it is to keep pushing to get more out of each shopper’s visit to the stores.对那些想在电子商务时代把实体店的优势发挥到极致的零售商而言,这样的结合是重中之重。诺德斯特龙是实体零售商中公认的技术领袖,公司决定自今年起到2018年在技术实施上投入12亿美元,以强化电子商务、物流中心和店内务体验,而联网试衣间就是其中一环。上个季度,公司百货商店的可比销售额没有出现下滑,凸显了尽可能地从每位购物者身上获取更多价值的重要性。And Nordstrom is not alone in looking for what’s next in retail tech. Bloomingdale’s, the upscale chain owned by Macy’s IncM -0.71% , recently began trying out smart fitting rooms, equipped with wall-mounted iPads rather than Nordstrom’s interactive mirrors, at five of its stores.诺德斯特龙并不是唯一一家正在探寻零售技术未来的公司。梅西百货(Macy’s Inc)旗下的高端连锁店布鲁明戴尔(Bloomingdale’s)最近也开始在五家门店内测试智能试衣间。这种试衣间内配备了固定在墙上的iPad,而不像诺德斯特龙那样设有带互动功能的试衣镜。“You have shoppers used to having all that content and help in the palm of their hand,” said Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL Strategic Retail. “Here, you have a literally captive audience, so there’s the opportunity.”消费研究公司WSL Strategic Retail的首席执行官温迪o利布曼表示:“你的顾客已经习惯了使用掌上设备浏览这一切内容,并获得帮助。而在试衣间,顾客实际上无法随意离开,这是一个机会。”While Nordstrom’s smart fitting rooms build on what eBay also recently developed for fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff‘s two boutiques, it is a more complicated project given how much bigger Nordstrom department stores are and how much more inventory they hold. And so in that regard, this test will be more telling of how the smart fitting rooms can be adopted by retailers broadly. Nordstrom won’t say how much of a roll-out it is planning—the success of these tests will determine that.eBay不久前为时尚品牌瑞贝卡o明可弗(Rebecca Minkoff)的两家门店研发了智能试衣间,诺德斯特龙的智能试衣间正是来自于那次研发成果。考虑到诺德斯特龙的百货商店之大、产品种类之多,其项目也更加复杂。所以从这个方面来说,这次测试更能说明零售商可以在多大程度上采用智能试衣间。诺德斯特龙没有透露该公司计划将这种试衣间推广到多少家门店——这取决于测试成功与否。Mirror, mirror on the wall-should I buy this?魔镜魔镜告诉我,我应该买这件吗?In the Nordstrom smart fitting rooms, shoppers will be able to enter with items selected on the sales floor, along with suggestions from the associate. They will also be equipped with barcode scanning to identify what is in the store so if a customer needs an item in another size or color, she can see for herself if it is in stock and instruct the associate to bring it.在诺德斯特龙的智能试衣间中,顾客可以输入在销售区选定的商品,以及店员的建议。试衣间中还有条形码扫描器来识别店内的商品,如果顾客需要其他的尺码或颜色,她自己就能看到库存情况,并让店员送进来。For eBay, the technology is yet another step forward in the capabilities it built for Minkoff, and before that for Kate Spade KATE -0.35% , for which the tech giant created an interactive storefront at four Manhattan stores that allowed customers standing on the street to pick merchandise, and place an order. The Minkoff stores have the ability to remember what a customer tried on during a previous visit, a capability Nordstrom won’t have right out of the gate.对eBay而言,这项技术代表着为明可弗和凯特o丝蓓(Kate Spade)打造的产品在性能上又前进了一步。这家科技巨头之前为凯特o丝蓓在四家曼哈顿的店面中创建了交互式商铺,顾客可以在大街上直接购买商品并下单。而明可弗的商店则会记录顾客上一次来店内试穿的商品,这项功能诺德斯特龙目前尚不提供。While one might think such a state-of-the-art technology and how it facilitates high-touch customer service would more suitable to upscale stores, eBay thinks the technology could work even in more value-oriented retail chains. It could takethe shape of a big screen on a wall on the sales floor, rather than a sleek mirror in a changing room. Indeed, Jamie Nordstrom said the tech could potentially work at the off-price Nordstrom Rack stores, though there are no firm plans for a pilot there.尽管有人可能认为,这种顶尖技术以及带来的交互式顾务更加适用于高端商店,但eBay认为,在以价值为导向的零售连锁店中,这项技术也能奏效。它的形式不必是试衣间内的光滑镜面,而可以是销售区墙壁上的一块大屏幕。杰米o诺德斯特龙也表示,该技术可能会在Nordstrom Rack折扣店起到作用,尽管目前还没有在那里试点的确切计划。The partnership with Nordstrom is also a way for eBay, best known by consumers for its marketplaces and PayPal payments service, to burnish its reputation as a retail tech innovator, including in physical stores, where more than 90% of sales still take place. Another new eBay initiative is the connected mall it has developed with Simon Property Group, SPG 0.24% consisting of an interactive mall directory that among other things, highlights events and deals happening that day. Growth in tech services will also help as the company gets y for life after the upcoming spin-off of PayPal in 2015.而对eBay而言,与诺德斯特龙合作也是一条出路。eBay以在线市场和贝宝(PayPal)付务为顾客所熟知,而作为包括实体店(目前仍有90%以上的交易发生在实体店)在内的零售业的技术创新者,公司的声誉又有了进一步提高。eBay的另一项创新,是与西蒙地产集团(Simon Property Group)合作建立的联网购物商场。商场中包含交互式的购物目录以及一些其他特色,能够突出显示当日的优惠活动和交易情况。在贝宝于2015年分离出去之后,技术务方面的增长也能帮助公司重获新生。“This is about us saying, ‘Hey, are we really just an e-commerce company, or are we really a partner to anyone who does commerce,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president of innovation and new ventures at eBay.eBay创新和新业务副总裁史蒂夫o扬科维奇表示:“这就好比我们在说:‘嘿,我们真的只是家电子商务公司吗?或者我们实际上是任何生意人的合作伙伴?’”(财富中文网) /201412/346013A billionaire Qatari sheikh dubbed ;the man who bought London; was reportedly the anonymous bidder who snapped up a Pablo Picasso masterpiece that smashed the world auction sale record。一个被冠以“能买下伦敦的人”称号的亿万富翁卡塔尔酋长是拍下巴勃罗·毕加索名画的神秘买主,这次交易创下了世界拍卖行的新记录。There has been intense speculation about the identity of the buyer who placed the winning 9.4 million (£116 million) telephone bid for Les Femmes d#39;Alger at Christie#39;s in Manhattan earlier this month。对于这位通过电话竞标,于本月初在曼哈顿克利斯蒂拍卖行以1.794亿美元(合计1.16亿欧元)拍下《阿尔及利亚女人》的买主,外界一直在猜测其身份。Art world sources have now told the New York Postthat the painting was acquired by Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former Qatari prime minister。“艺术世界来源”告诉《纽约邮报》:该油画被贾西姆·阿勒萨尼收入囊中。他是卡塔尔前外交部长。Qatar#39;s ruling Al Thani clan has been pursuing an international artwork buying spree as it aims to turn the small energy-rich emirate into a global cultural power ahead of the 2022 World Cup。统治卡塔尔的阿勒萨尼家族近来狂热收购世界艺术名作,打算在2022年世界杯前夕将这个能源富足的小酋长国打造成国际文化强国。But Les Femmes d#39;Alger may never be displayed publicly in Qatar to avoid offending Islamic sensibilities because it depicts women#39;s breasts, even though they were painted in the artist#39;s highly stylised cubist form。但是,为避免伊斯兰敏感话题,《阿尔及利亚女人》在卡塔尔可能永远不会被公开展示。因为油画中有女人的胸部,尽管艺术形式是高度抽象的立体画。It could instead remain at one of the sheikh#39;s multi-million pound homes in London or New York, the newspaper reported。据报道,该幅名画可能就保存在这位酋长位于伦敦或纽约的百万豪宅中。The Anglophile royal earned the nickname of the ;man who bought London; after going on a buying spree in the city with his personal fortune and as head of the Qatar Investment Authority。作为卡塔尔投资局局长,在伦敦用其私人财产疯购名作后,这位亲英派的酋长皇族成员获得了“能买下伦敦的人”的昵称。The state agency invested in Harrod#39;s, the London Shard, Sainsbury#39;s, Barclays and the Stock Exchange, while the Anglophile royal bought three apartments in the One Hyde Park development。卡塔尔国家机关还投资了哈罗德百货公司、伦敦碎片大厦、塞恩斯伯里超市、巴克莱和英国券交易所,而这位酋长国皇室成员则单独买下了海德公园一号的三座公寓。He is also currently renovating a mansion on Manhattan#39;s Upper East Side that he bought for million in 2012.最近他还翻修了曼哈顿上东城的一座公馆。该公馆是他在2012年以4700万美元买下的。Members of the royal family have used their oil and gas wealth to buy several masterpieces in recent years. Some were bought for private collections while others were acquired for a new national museum that will show off its art treasures when it opens next year。近年来,不少卡塔尔皇室家族成员使用本国的石油和天然气财富购买了名作。有的作为私人收藏,其它的作为新国家物馆的收藏,一年后开馆时其艺术珍宝可令人大[微]开眼界。Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad al-Thani, the sister of Qatar#39;s emir, was initially reported to have been the buyerof the artwork that was previously the most expensive sold at auction a Francis Bacon triptychthat went under the hammer for 2 million in 2013.梅萨公主是卡塔尔埃米尔的,弗朗西斯·培根的一副三联画在2013年以1.42亿美元卖出,成为当时该拍卖行有史以来最贵艺术品。最初媒体报道梅萨公主是该艺术品的买主。But art world sources later said that the buyer who has not been officially identified was Elaine Wynn, the co-founder of a Las Vegas casino empire。但“艺术世界来源”后来发表声明,称非官方实的买主其实是伊莲·怀恩——皇家的联合创始人。Sheikha Mayassa, then head of the Qatar Museums Authority, previously bought ;The Card Players; by Paul Cezanne last year for a reported 0 million in a private sale the highest-price paid for a painting at the time. Her family has also spent heavily on works by Mark Rothko, Richard Serra, Roy Lichtenstein, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons。据报道,作为卡塔尔物馆馆长的梅萨公主,去年从一个私人收藏家手里以2.5亿美元的创纪录高价买下保罗·塞尚的名作《玩纸牌的人》。她的家人同时还重金购买了马克·罗斯科、理查德·塞拉、李奇登斯坦、弗朗西斯培根、安迪·沃霍尔和杰夫·昆斯等名家的画作。There was also speculation that the buyer of the Picasso this month might have been Asian as money from that continent, notably China, fuelled a record-breaking week of sales of nearly billionat Christie#39;s and Sotheby#39;s in New York。曾经有推测表示,本月这幅毕加索的名画可能是一名亚裔人士购买的,因为从亚洲,尤其是中国汇出的钱款创下了克利斯蒂拍卖行和纽约索斯比拍卖行一周近20亿美元交易的新纪录。The Qatar embassy did not reply to a request for comment and the government rarely discusses the purchases of its ruling royals。卡塔尔大使馆没有作出相关回应,该国政府也很少讨论其统治家族的购买行为。 /201506/378775

In the foyer of a Japanese vegetarian restaurant on East 39th Street, around the corner from several nail salons and the House of Lasagna, a Japanese tea ceremony was unfolding.从几家美甲店和意式千层面馆(House of Lasagna)拐过街角,在东39街一个日本素餐厅的门厅里,一场日式茶道正在进行。Kato Riichiro, the manager of Ippodo Tea, had before him a whisk, a sieve, a wooden spoon and, most important, a bowl of vivid green powder. This is matcha, a very particular kind of Japanese tea that is not easy to come across even in such a caffeinated city.一保堂茶铺(Ippodo Tea)的经理加藤理一郎(Kato Riichiro)面前放着一个搅拌器、一个滤网和一个木勺,以及最重要的一碗鲜绿的茶粉。这是抹茶,一种非常特别的日本茶,甚至在纽约这座钟爱咖啡因的城市里,你也不容易碰到它。Waiting for her order was Niovi Christopoulou, 36, who works nearby and discovered Ippodo Tea a couple of weeks ago. She now comes in most afternoons for a “thin matcha” (.25).点这杯抹茶的是36岁的尼奥维·克里斯托普洛(Niovi Christopoulou),她在附近工作,几周前发现了一保堂茶铺。现在她几乎每天下午都来这里买“淡抹茶”(4.25美元)。Mr. Riichiro added boiling water into the bowl and whisked the mixture until it was smooth. He poured the tea into a regular to-go cup with a lid.理一郎在碗中加入沸水,搅拌混合,直至变滑。他把茶倒入一个普通的带盖子的外卖杯中。“For mental energy, it’s better than coffee,” Ms. Christopoulou said.“从提神的角度讲,它比咖啡管用,”克里斯托普洛说。Matcha, which comes from specially cultivated tea plants grown only in Japan, is not especially loaded with caffeine, with a cup containing only 25 to 70 milligrams. (An eight-ounce cup of coffee has from 95 to 200 milligrams.) But unlike coffee, matcha is full of theanine, an amino acid that has a calming effect, balancing the jitters some get from caffeine. It also has an unusual flavor — earthy, with a lingering umami aftertaste — that few teas do. In Japan, matcha is mainly for ceremonial events, but the green tea is finding a wider audience in the ed States.抹茶产自仅在日本种植、经特殊培植的茶树,它的咖啡因含量并不是特别高,一杯仅含25至70毫克咖啡因(一杯8盎司的咖啡含95至200毫克咖啡因)。不过跟咖啡不同,抹茶中含有大量茶氨酸,它是一种具有镇定作用的氨基酸,能平衡咖啡因给某些人带来的亢奋。它还有一种不同寻常的味道——有泥土的芳香,还有一种长久的甘甜回味——别的茶几乎都没有这种味道。在日本,抹茶主要用于仪式活动,但是这种绿茶在美国拥有更广泛的消费群体。Ippodo Tea is a nearly 300-year-old Japanese company based in Kyoto with a shop also in Tokyo. The New York location is its first international storefront.一保堂茶铺是京都一家有300年历史的日本公司,在东京也有分店。纽约分店是它的第一家海外分店。It opened here in April 2013, after the company realized that most of its online sales were coming from the area. Besides serving y-brewed tea, Ippodo sells bulk bags of tea and the tools to prepare matcha at home. The store is little more than a long counter that occupies the front space of Kajitsu, a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant. Tea drinkers must take their beverages to go; the seats are for dining guests only.这家公司发现它的产品在网上主要销往这个区域,所以2013年4月在纽约开了家分店。除了供应泡好的茶水,这里还销售大包装的茶以及在家泡抹茶的工具。这家店其实只有一个长长的柜台,位于米其林星级日本餐馆Kajitsu的门厅里。喝茶的人必须把茶带走喝,座位只留给那些在这里用餐的顾客。While Ippodo also has other green teas, including sencha, the most popular tea in Japan, the thin matcha is the most popular drink in the store. The matcha slushy, tea over shaved ice, and matcha lattes were developed for the New York outpost to appeal to a Starbucks-drinking customer. Most teas are to , a range familiar to the Starbucks crowd.一保堂茶铺也卖其他种类的绿茶,包括日本最流行的煎茶,但是该店最畅销的是淡抹茶。抹茶刨冰和抹茶拿铁是为了吸引常喝星巴克的纽约顾客而开发的。大部分茶水3至5美元,星巴克也是这个价位。Yuichi Ikeuchi, 26, was visiting from Tokyo with a friend when they stumbled upon Ippodo near their hotel. Mr. Ikeuchi ordered a matcha latte to see how Americans drink the tea.26岁的池内雄一(Yuichi Ikeuchi)和一个朋友从东京来旅行,他们在酒店附近偶然发现了一保堂茶铺。他点了一份抹茶拿铁,想看看美国人是怎么喝茶的。“I imagined it was going to be very sweet, but it’s not,” he said. “I like it.”“我以为会很甜,但其实不是,”他说,“我挺喜欢的。”Victor Sarto and Dan Grossfield stopped in after a walk from their office nearby. Mr. Grossfield, 36, had been to Ippodo Tea before and brought Mr. Sarto, 31, to have his first cup. Mr. Sarto had the gyokuro, a highly caffeinated green tea. Mr. Grossfield had the thick matcha, which has twice as much matcha as the thin version and is more viscous.维克托·萨尔托(Victor Sarto)和丹·格劳斯菲尔德(Dan Grossfield)是从附近的办公室出来散步顺便来这里。36岁的格劳斯菲尔德以前来过这里,这是他第一次把31岁的萨尔托带来品尝。萨尔托点的是玉露,它是一种咖啡因含量很高的绿茶。格劳斯菲尔德点的是浓抹茶,它的抹茶含量是淡抹茶的两倍,更粘稠。“It has a little bitter taste to it,” Mr. Grossfield said. “But definitely in a pleasant way.”“它喝起来有点苦,”格劳斯菲尔德说,“不过当然是那种好喝的苦味。”Mr. Sarto, who said he usually drank espresso, compared his tea to seaweed.萨尔托说他通常是喝浓咖啡,他把自己点的茶比作海藻。“If I want a change of pace, I’d drink it again,” Mr. Sarto said.“如果我什么时候想换换口味,肯定还会来喝的,”萨尔托说。 /201412/350221

Love A Good Bargain? You May Change Your Mind After Reading This你还忍心购买打折商品吗?How often have you walked out from your favorite store with a great sense of accomplishment for snagging an incredible pair of jeans or a gorgeous dress for next to ;nothing?; However, would you feel as smug if you knew that the person who made it works in an unsafe environment and gets paid next to ;nothing?; This was what the folks at advocacy group Fashion Revolution recently decided to put to test in Berlin, Germany.你有过多少次从最爱的装店走出来,为自己低价抢到很棒的牛仔裤或者漂亮的裙子而感到异常满足呢?然而,如果你知道装厂工人在不安全的环境辛苦制作这些衣,换来的却是可怜的薪水,内心还会自鸣得意吗?On April 23rd, some luck city residents encountered a bright turquoise pop-up vending machine with a sign that we all love to see - beautiful t-shirts for a mere 2 Euros ( .40 USD)! Not surprisingly, many flocked over to claim the bargain before it was gone.4月23日,部分市民有幸看到一款青绿色的自动售货机,上面写着深受欢迎的标语——好看的T恤,只要2欧元(1.4美元)。果不其然,看到的市民开始一阵哄抢,生怕折扣结束。When customers inserted their money, they were asked to select the color and the size they wished to purchase. But as they waited for the awesome t-shirt to drop, they experienced something unusual - images of the women and children that spend up to 16 hours a day making the cheap clothing inside overcrowded derelict warehouses. What#39;s worse is that despite working this hard work they barely make enough money to live on.顾客把钱塞进去后,会提示他们挑选自己喜欢的颜色和尺码。但是,在等待T恤出来的时候,他们却看到了一些不同寻常的东西——妇女和儿童为了加工这些低价装在简陋拥挤的仓库每天工作近16小时。更糟的是,他们工作时长这么久,所得工资还不足以糊口。Once the buyers had been educated about who made their cheap clothing, they were given the choice to go ahead with their purchase or donate the money to a charity dedicated to improving the life of contract workers in developing countries. Not surprisingly, 90% of the shoppers chose to donate. This just proved what Fashion Revolution has always believed - if people are made aware of the true cost of cheap fast fashion, they will re-think their purchases. The group is of course not trying to dissuade consumers from buying. They just want them to be aware of the entire supply chain and support Fashion Revolution#39;s mission to hold manufacturers accountable for the poor working conditions and low wages.顾客了解是谁加工了这些低价装之后,机器会给他们一个选择,是继续购买还是把这些钱捐给这些发展中国家的合同工,用来改善他们的生活。不出所料,90%的顾客选择把钱捐出去。这种行为正实了Fashion Revolution所相信的,如果人们意识到廉价衣真实的价值,就会重新考虑自己的购买行为。该组织这样做并非为了劝阻客人购买衣,而是想让他们了解整个生产链,并持他们组织来促使生产商对这些在艰苦环境工作、低收入的工人们负责。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/382386

With his departure time looming and a guide fretting to get back to the ship, Liang Nan has been left in a corner of the Canal City shopping mall, in Japan’s southern port of Fukuoka, hunched over a mobile phone.随着离开的时间渐渐逼近,导游开始催促游客回到船上。梁楠(音)一直在福冈运河城购物中心的角落里看着手机。福冈位于日本南部,是一座港口城市。He has three tasks to perform: guard a huge, growing mountain of shopping, check with nagging relatives back home that everything they asked for has been bought, and discover online just how badly his wife’s A shares are doing.梁楠肩负三项任务:守护一座堆得跟座山似的商品——而且越堆越高;跟老家那群唠叨的亲戚一件一件核对他们要带的商品;以及上网看他老婆的A股到底跌了多少。The rest of Mr Liang’s party — wife, toddler, mother and mother-in-law — are still roaring around the Fukuoka branch of Laox in a state of retail fervour. The store, once known throughout Japan as an electronics specialist, has broadened its offerings here to please its newest customers: Chinese, arriving on cruise ships that bring in as many as 4,900 at a time, with estimated average spending of Y90,000 (0) each and with just a few hours to shop before they set sail back to Tianjin or Shanghai.梁楠的妻子、孩子、母亲和岳母还在Laox免税店福冈分店里兴致勃勃地逛着,他们正沉浸在购物狂热中。Laox是全日本知名电器商店,如今福冈分店增加了商品种类,以迎合新的消费者——中国人。他们乘游船而来,一次最多达4900人,人均消费约为9万日元(约合750美元),而且购物仅几个小时后就要乘船返回天津或上海。In 2014, 91 cruise ships travelled from China to Fukuoka. This year the port is expecting nearly three times that number. Costa, Royal Caribbean and others are bolstering their Asian fleets to make all this happen.2014年,中国到福冈的邮轮抵港次数达到91次。今年这个数字预计将增长近两倍。“歌诗达”(Costa),“皇家加勒比”(Royal Caribbean)及其他邮轮公司公司正在扩充亚洲地区船只数量,以满足这一增长。The Chinese coming here used to be the rich, says Miwa Mochizuki, a spokeswoman for the Canal City mall. Now it is the middle class. Coming by sea makes sense for China’s quality-seeking shoppers, she adds, because the only limit on baggage is what you can cram into your cabin. The great benefit of the cruise ships, says Fukuoka’s mayor, Takashima Soichiro, is that they can deliver the lucrative “shopping bomb” exploding in his city.运河城购物中心发言人望月美和(Miwa Mochizuki)表示,过去来这儿购物的中国人通常是有钱人,而今成了中产阶层。她说,对于追求品质的中国购物者而言,坐船更明智些,因为乘船对行李的唯一限制就是看你能往自己的船舱里塞多少东西。福冈市长高岛宗一郎(Takashima Soichiro)表示,这些邮轮的一大好处,就是可以运来大批“购物狂”,为他的城市带来巨额利益。“A third of these are for us, the rest is for family in Hebei,” says Mr Liang, sorting through a collection of bags that contain six rice cookers, four floor-cleaning robots, two air purifiers, an blood-pressure monitor, a stack of metallic vacuum flasks, a dozen electric toothbrushes and two face massagers (for men).梁楠一边整理一大堆购物袋一边说:“这里面有三分之一是我们家的,其他全是给河北亲戚带的。”他们买了6个电饭煲,4个扫地机器人,2个空气净化器,1个血压计,一堆真空金属保温杯,十几把电动牙刷和两个男性脸部器。“I think she [my wife] has gone crazy,” he says. “But I don’t mind. If her shares keep falling, we may not come back to Japan for a while.”梁楠说:“我觉得她(他妻子)已经买疯了。但是我不介意。如果她的股票继续下跌,我们可能有段时间不会来日本了。”Electronics are still the main feature of Laox, say sales staff from China’s Fujian and Zhejiang provinces, but customers leave with endless bags of nappies, nail-clippers, health supplements, diet shakes, tights, thermometers, wrinkle-reducing face packs and silicone rice spoons — goods whose quality are thought guaranteed simply because they are made in Japan.Laox有来自中国福建和浙江的销售人员,据他们介绍该店仍主要销售电器,但顾客们无止境地购买着尿布、指甲刀、保健品、减肥代餐奶昔、丝袜、温度计、除皱霜以及硅胶饭勺。中国消费者认为这些商品的质量是有保的,因为它们是“日本制造”。On the floors below Laox, Chinese visitors blast through local clothes retailers and luxury goods outlets where loudspeakers bellow last-minute offers in Mandarin before the coaches leave for the ship. In the pharmacy Matsumoto Kiyoshi, where competing Japanese brands of rose-scented eyedrops are in hot demand, a Shanghai woman being tugged at the sleeve by her guide demands shop staff tell her which of three brands of Japanese condoms works best.在Laox下面几层,中国游客大潮席卷着装店、奢侈品店。扬声器里传来普通话的大声呼喊,通知游客们发往游船的旅游大巴马上出发。在松本清(Matsumoto Kiyoshi)药房,各个日本品牌的玫瑰味眼药水大受欢迎。一名导游拽着一个上海女人的衣袖,后者让店员告诉她三种日本避套品牌中哪一种最好用。The impact of all this on Fukuoka — a city whose 1.5m population will this year be passed by the total number of foreign visitors — has been transformational. Japan’s wider inbound tourism boom has provided Shinzo Abe’s economic growth story with a timely boost: Nomura just raised its forecasts for total visitor numbers to 17.44m for 2015.这一切给福冈带来了巨大的影响。这座城市有150万居民,今年外国游客总人数将会超过居民人数。日本整体的入境旅游热潮为安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)的经济增长故事及时注入了一剂强心针,野村券(Nomura)刚刚将2015年赴日游总人数预测上调到1744万人。But in Fukuoka, whose tax revenues and population are the fastest-rising in Japan as a result of the tourists, the effect is more noticeable. The city authorities are rushing to find empty spots for coach parking before the city’s roads grind to a halt. The port last week opened a new cruise terminal that quadruples immigration processing capacity.但是福冈受到的影响比一些城市明显,由于游客大量增加,这里的税收收入和人口是全日本增长最快的。福冈市政府正忙着为旅游大巴找到新的停车位,以免城市交通陷入停顿。上周福冈港口开放了一个新的邮轮码头,将入境处理能力提高了3倍。Mr Takashima travelled last week to Tokyo to ask the government for a budget to extend the jetty by 100 metres to accommodate the largest cruise ships in the world. Fukuoka, he says, is the first city in Japan to undergo a change where Japanese feel like a minority.高岛宗一郎上周前往东京要求政府拨预算将该码头延长100米,以容纳全世界最大的邮轮。他表示,在日本人民感到自己像少数民族的领域,福冈是日本第一座经历改变的城市。The Chinese cruise passengers in Canal City appear unbothered by unfolding events in the mainland markets — a holding of nerve that bullish analysts say will be true across China’s consumer economy. There is little evidence, says Julian Evans-Pritchard, China Economist at Capital Economics, that stock prices make a meaningful difference to consumption in China.运河城商场里的中国游客似乎并没受到近期中国内地市场波动的影响。乐观的分析师表示,这种冷静的态度可能真实地反映了中国整体消费经济领域的状况。凯投宏观(Capital Economics)的中国经济学家朱利安埃文斯-普里查德(Julian Evans-Pritchard)表示,没有据表明,股价对中国的消费状况有切实的影响。“Given that the stock market didn’t provide any noticeable boost to spending on the way up, there is no reason to expect it to be a drag on the way down,” he wrote in a note to clients yesterday.他近日在一份给客户的报告中写到:“鉴于A股市场之前没有为消费提供任何明显的提振,因此没有理由认为现在股市会拖累消费下降。”But when Ms Liang finally emerges from Laox, the first question she asks her husband is about stocks. This was Monday — a session of relative calm amid the storm — and the problems seemed far away from Canal City. She asks for another two minutes, and heads back into the shop to buy a final box of deluxe Japanese stomach medicine.但是当梁太太终于从Laox里出来时,她向丈夫提出的第一个问题就是关于股票的。本周从周一走势来看,A股进入了风暴中相对较平静阶段,而且股市的问题看来离运河城很遥远。梁太太要求再给她两分钟,然后扭头返回商店去买最后一箱高档日本胃药。 /201507/386038

A young generation of women is discovering a new brand of sexy in the most unlikely of places: their grandmothers’ underwear drawers.年轻一代女性从一个最不可思议的地方发现了性感新品牌:祖母和外祖母的内衣橱。“When I walk into a lingerie store, I’m always like, ‘O.K., which drawer in here is for the grannies?’ ” Daphne Javitch, 35, said of her predilection for ample-bottomed undies. That preference led Ms. Javitch, back in 2010, to found Ten Undies, a line with a cult following that sells cotton full-bottom bikinis, boy shorts and high-waist briefs not unlike the kind immortalized in “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” (“Hello, mommy.”) Ten’s wares are comfortable and practical, to be sure, but that’s hardly the only draw.“每次走进内衣店,我总会想,‘好吧,给老奶奶的衣橱在哪里?’”35岁的达芙妮·贾维什(Daphne Javitch)说,她偏爱宽底内裤。所以2010年,她创立了小众品牌Ten Undies,专门生产纯棉全底比基尼、男孩式平角内裤和高腰三角裤,有点像《BJ单身日记》(Bridget Jones’s Diary)经典的那一款。(“你好啊老妈。”)Ten生产的内衣舒实用,但这还不是唯一的优点。“Within millennial and Generation Y consumer groups, it’s considered cool to be wearing full-bottom underwear,” said Bernadette Kissane, an apparel analyst at the market intelligence firm Euromonitor. “Thongs have had their moment.”“千禧一代和Y一代的消费者群体觉得穿全底内裤才酷,”市场智库Euromonitor公司的装分析师伯纳黛特·吉萨尼(Bernadette Kissane)说。Data provided by the research company NPD Group back her up. Sales of thongs decreased 7 percent over the last year, while sales of fuller styles — briefs, boy shorts and high-waist briefs — have grown a collective 17 percent.调研公司NPD集团提供的数据实了她的说法。去年T型内裤的销量降低了7%,全底内裤(包括三角裤、男孩式平角裤和高腰三角裤)的销量总共增长了17%.Erica Russo, the fashion director for accessories, cosmetics and intimate apparel at Bloomingdale’s, said that indeed there has been a “shift in the business.” She noted that the trend is in line with the higher-waist and roomier pants styles that have dominated fashion this season. Perhaps motivated by the same kind of contrarianism that helped elevate Birkenstocks and fanny packs, young women are embracing “granny panties” — and not just for laundry day.布鲁明戴尔(Bloomingdale’s)的配件、化妆品与内衣时尚总监埃丽卡·罗素(Erica Russo)说,“生意上确实有变化”。她指出,本季高腰的肥大裤子流行引领了这股风尚。或许是同那种促进了勃肯鞋和腰包走红的逆向思维一样,如今的年轻女性确实开始钟爱“祖母式内裤”——而且不仅仅是在洗衣日那天。“I only wear granny panties,” Julia Baylis, a willowy 22-year-old, declared proudly. Ms. Baylis and her best friend, Mayan Toledano, 27, design the boutique clothing label Me and You. Their best seller is a pair of white cotton underpants with the word “feminist” printed in pink bubble letters across the rear. Since the line’s introduction on April 7, the panties have sold out.“我只穿祖母式内裤,”22岁,身材苗条的茱莉亚·贝里斯(Julia Baylis)骄傲地宣布。贝里斯和她最好的朋友,27岁的马伊安·托勒达诺(Mayan Toledano)开创了精品时装品牌“我和你”(Me and You)。她们销量最好的产品是一款白色纯棉内裤,整个后部用粉红色泡泡字体印着“女权主义”。自从4月7日开售以来,这款内裤一直供不应求。Besides sales, the “feminist underwear” has inspired countless Instagram “belfies” (that’s a selfie for the behind) from Me and You customers eager to show off their feminist convictions as well as their pert posteriors.除了销售,这款“女权主义内裤”还激发了“你和我”的消费者们在Instagram上无止境的“后自拍”(belfies,就是从身后自拍)风潮,她们乐于张扬自己对女性主义的肯定以及时尚的臀部。Ms. Baylis and Ms. Toledano are part of an all-female creative collective founded by Petra Collins called the Ardorous that explores feminist topics from a millennial point of view through collaborative and solo art projects. For the generation that counts both Beyoncé and Lena Dunham as feminist icons, female sexuality is wielded for one’s own pleasure.贝里斯与托勒达诺是皮特拉·科林斯(Petra Collins)创立的全女性创意系列“Ardorous”的一部分,它旨在从千禧一代的角度,通过集体和个人艺术项目探索女性主义题材。这一代人把碧昂斯(Beyoncé)和莉娜·杜汉姆(Lena Dunham)视为女性主义偶像,认为女人的性感应该源于自身的快乐。“Most lingerie is designed to appeal to a man,” Ms. Baylis said. “For us, that’s not even a consideration. This is underwear you wear totally for you. Maybe no one will see it, or maybe you’ll put it up on Instagram to share with everyone you know.”“大多数内衣是为了取悦男性而设计的,”贝里斯说。“我们从来没想过这回事。身上穿的内衣应该完全是为你自己设计的。可能根本没有人看,又或者你会把它放到Instagram上来和你认识的人分享。”That’s not to say Me and You’s customers don’t want to feel sexy; they absolutely do. “What’s sexy for us is being natural and comfortable,” Ms. Toledano said.这不是说“我和你”的消费者们不想性感,她们也想。“对于我们来说,自然舒才是性感,”托勒达诺说。And if seducing a man isn’t the goal, it can be a welcome side effect.如果诱惑男人不是目标,这可能是一种很受欢迎的副作用。“I think there’s a widesp misconception that men are into pearl thong, lace contraptions,” said Ms. Javitch of Ten Undies. “To be honest, men are into girls in T-shirts and white underwear.”“我觉得有一种广为流传的误解,觉得男人就喜欢珍珠T裤、蕾丝小玩意儿,”Ten Undies的贾维什说。“诚实地说,男人还是喜欢女孩穿T恤衫和白色内裤。”It’s a notion mainstream lingerie companies have been slow to embrace. As the gender gap among owners of small businesses continues to narrow, female entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly empowered to fill the void in the market.主流内衣公司缓慢地接受了这个观念。随着小公司设计产品的性别差异开始缩小,女性企业家开始慢慢有了权力,填补这一市场空缺。When Greer Simpkins, 28, began doing research for her own lingerie line, she visited a Victoria’s Secret store in New York to observe how women shopped for underwear.28岁的格丽尔·辛普金斯(Greer Simpkins)为她自己的内衣品牌做研究时,去了纽约一家“维多利亚的秘密”(Victoria’s Secret)门店,观察女人们都买什么内衣。“I noticed that a lot of women would come in with a friend, and they’d be asking: ‘Do you like this? Do you think he will like it?’ ” said Ms. Simpkins, who previously worked as a counselor to young girls at McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Belmont, Mass. “They’d be thinking about everyone else but themselves,” an attitude she thought the store encouraged. She was also frustrated with how many trends, colors and frills the lingerie industry pushed each season.“我注意到很多女人都是和朋友一起来,她们会问:‘你喜欢这个吗?你觉得他会喜欢吗?’”辛普金斯说,她之前在马萨诸塞州贝尔蒙特的精神病医院麦克林医院(McLean Hospital)给年轻女孩当顾问,“她们在乎其他人的看法,却不在乎自己的,”她觉得商店也鼓励她们这种想法。每一季,内衣工业内推行的很多潮流、色和装饰也让她觉得困惑。“Most women just want something basic for every day that will make them look and feel good,” she said.“大多数女人只想每一天穿最基本的东西,看上去不错,自己也觉得舒,”她说。So, in December, Ms. Simpkins introduced an underwear line with just one design: a white cotton panty with an unusually high cut and narrow back. The name, Hello Beautiful, is meant as an affirmation. She aly counts Chlo#235; Sevigny, an arbiter of all things cool, as a fan.所以,去年12月,辛普金斯推出了一个内衣品牌,只有一款设计:白色纯棉内裤,有着非同寻常的高叉剪裁和狭窄的后部。它的名字叫“你好,美丽”(Hello Beautiful),代表了一种肯定。“酷”的仲裁者,科洛·塞维尼(Chlo#235; Sevigny)已经成了这款内裤的粉丝。Fuller styles are a welcome alternative for Myla Dalbesio, a size 10 underwear model. “The high-waisted and high-cut styles hark back to a time when different body shapes were in style,” she said, adding that many larger women find high-rise briefs flattering because they define the waist and cover areas a woman may be less comfortable with.米拉·达尔贝西奥(Myla Dalbesio)也欢迎这股全底内裤风潮,她是内裤模特,穿10码。“高腰和高叉风格带我们回到不同体型都可以被包括在时尚之内的时代,”她还说,很多体型较大的女人觉得高叉三角裤好看,是因为她们觉得女人可能对自己的腰部和私处感到不自在。Ms. Dalbesio said she was hopeful that the greater diversity of offerings was a sign that the lingerie industry is beginning to recognize that “there is not one ‘ideal body,’ but a plethora of them.”达尔贝西奥说,她希望多样化的风潮能让内衣工业开始认为“‘理想身材’不止一种,而是有很多种。”In the end, it is about options.说到底,这是一个选择问题。“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more traditionally sexy and wearing a thong; that doesn’t mean you’re not a feminist,” Ms. Toledano said. “This is a step toward embracing more variety in what’s offered.”“想穿T裤,展现传统的性感,这没有错;这不意味着你不是一个女性主义者,”托勒达诺说,“不同的内裤只是通往接受多样化的一步。” /201506/378958Braised Pork with Ear Piece巍山扒肉饵丝Wei Shan, a small town in Yunnan, was stricken by drought around a thousand year ago. For a town which used to enjoy the mild weather all year along, the drought was completely unbearable. Unexpected and unprepared, the residents, mainly from Yi people, were desperate for food. To search for it, Xi Nu Luo, who later became the chieftain of Nanzhao, a regime in Yunnan province, went hunting with a group of young men. Before entering the forest, they were told that the wildfire had sp the forest due to the drought. As a result, the boars, which they were intended to catch, were burned to death. Not like everyone else who was discouraged by the news, Xi Nu Luo was not disheartened, saying: “The boars were just cooked by the wild fire, so we could simply take them home, stew them for a while and then have a nice meal!” Hearing this, those young men cast doubts on Xi Nu Luo’s fantasy, but with nothing to eat they took the dead boar away.Initially the dead boars were repelled by the residents for they were uncomely and insipid, but Xi Nu Luo made them appetizing and attractive. He put the meat in a large pot, to be boiled gently and stirred very little. Considering the meat was greasy, he suggested that it could be eaten with Ear Piece, a local food which looked like noodles. The combination was considered perfect for the flavor of Ear Piece was mild while the flavor of braised pork was strong. Additionally, the color of the dish was black and white which was assumed aesthetic. Later, Braise Pork with Ear Piece has become a popular dish in Wei Shan.据祖辈讲,巍山的扒肉饵丝的创始人是南诏国开国元君细奴逻。细奴逻未发祥时,他同彝族同胞一起以打猎为生。有一天,他们在围猎时碰到大火烧山,森林里的野猪被烧死了,他们就把烧黄了的野猪煮着吃,觉得非常香美。后来他们就经常把猎到的野猪用火烧后再煮着吃,渐渐地就流传下来。再后来细奴逻又创造了独具特色的巍山饵丝,让人们把烧猪肉与饵丝配拢着吃,久而久之发展成为今天色、香、味俱全的扒肉饵丝。 /201505/375881Sleman(Indonesia) (AFP) - An advert for a house in Indonesia has gone viral onlineafter the woman selling it offered to throw in an unusual extra feature for free — her hand in marriage.印尼(法新社):印尼最近一个房子出售广告在网络上引起骚劫,一名女子想把自己的房子卖出去,而且可以免费把自己送给买主当妻子。The lnternet ad s for the most part like a regular house listing, saying thatthe single-storey proper ty has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a parking space anda fish pond.这个出现在网络上的广告和一般的房子出售广告没有什么区别,称这是一栋单层的楼房,有两个卧室,两个卫生间,一个停车场和一个鱼塘。But it also proposes to buyers a ;rare offer; -- ;when you buy thishouse, you can ask the owner to marry you;, alongside a picture of WinaLia, a 40-year-old widow and beauty salon owner, leaning against a car in frontof the house. 但是还给买家提供了一个;稀有的好处;——;当你购买这栋房子时可以要求卖主和你结婚;,说明文字旁边出现的是一张40岁寡妇的照片,她是一家美容院的所有者,倚靠在门前的汽车旁。The ad said that terms and conditions apply, and notes the offer is ;for seriousbuyers and non-negotiable;. The house in Sleman, on the island of Java,is on the market for 999 million rupiah (about ,000).广告称这个offer是给严肃买家的,而且没有商量的余地。这处房产位于爪哇岛的Sleman,售价为75000美元,即99900万印尼盾。News of the offer quickly sp among Internet users in social media-crazy Indonesia.这个新闻很快在印尼的社交媒体上传播开来。Boldies99,a user on popular online forum Kaskus, said Lia was;quite smart -- even though the house will be sold, she will remain theowner.;印尼著名论坛Kaskus上的一名网友说,这女的还挺聪明,即使这房子卖出去了,她也还是主人。The mother of two explained that she had asked a friend who was a property agent tohelp her find a buyer —and in the process a husband — but she had expectedhim to pass on the news to a limited number of pe pie, not put an ad online.作为两个孩子的妈妈,她解释说她之前要求一名做房地产中介的朋友帮他找一个买家以及在这个过程中帮她找一个丈夫,她只希望朋友把这个事让少数人知道就可以了 ,并没有想把信息发布到网上去。She added that there was only one potential buyer, who had visited on Wednesday.but refused to give further details.她说只有一个潜在的买家,周三的时候来看过房子,但是拒绝提供更多细节。 /201503/364502

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