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2017年08月21日 17:57:03 | 作者:搜狐晚报 | 来源:新华社
俄通-塔斯社记者:总理您好。我在中国工作已经18年了,我非常喜欢中国,也习惯了在中国的生活。但是最近发现物价变贵了,请问通货膨胀的原因是什么?很多俄罗斯的媒体都称赞中国政府采取的应对国际金融危机措施。他们说这些措施让人觉得中国与其他国家相比受到的金融危机影响较小,您是否同意这个看法?ITAR-TASS: Good morning, Mr. Premier. I have worked in China for 18 years. I like this country very much and have got used to life here. Recently we have seen rising consumer prices. I would like to ask what is the cause of inflation. Many Russian media organizations have spoken highly of the measures taken by the Chinese government in countering the international financial crisis. They say that it is because of those measures that China has been less affected by the crisis than other countries. Do you agree with this view?温家宝:你的问题重点在第二问,因此我先回答你的第二问。在国际金融危机中,中国受到了巨大的冲击。国际金融危机对实体经济影响很大,如果我们回想2008年底到2009年上半年,当时国际贸易下降26%,而中国的出口要占到GDP的近1/3,波罗的海指数一度快跌到零。我到深圳集装箱厂去考察时,连一个集装箱的订单都没有。国内生产总值增速最低降到3.8%,不少企业停产,大批农民工返乡。在这种情况下,我们实施了包括四个方面内容的一揽子计划。这就是:大规模的财政投入和结构性的减税,使企业恢复活力;大幅度地提高社会保障水平,使民生继续得到改善;大力度地加强科技撑,使经济充满后劲;同时大范围地推进重点产业调整振兴,特别是发展新兴战略产业。所有这些都不是单一地解决眼前的问题,而是着眼于长远的发展。Premier Wen Jiabao: The focus of your question is the second part, so let me address that part first. As a matter of fact, the international financial crisis has exerted a huge impact on China. It has a big impact on the real economy. We may recall that between the end of 2008 and the first half of 2009, global trade tumbled by 26%. Exports took up nearly 1/3 of China#39;s GDP. The Baltic Sea Index once dropped to almost zero. When I made an inspection trip to a container factory in Shenzhen, I was told that not a single order was received. At a certain point, the Chinese GDP growth fell to as low as 3.8%. A large number of businesses had to close and a large number of rural migrant workers had to go back to their home villages. It is under such tough circumstances that we adopted a stimulus package that has four key components. We massively increased government investment and conducted structural tax cuts so as to return the businesses to growth. We enhanced the social security system to improve people#39;s livelihood. We vigorously promoted science and technology advances to sustain the momentum of economic development. We pursued adjustment and revitalization in key industries on a large scale, and in particular, strategic emerging industries. All these stimulus measures are designed to not only address immediate problems but also ensure China#39;s long-term development.我们实施了4万亿的投资。关于投资比例我在《政府工作报告》中已经详细阐述了。你问的问题的要害就是所谓国际金融危机对中国冲击小。我跟你讲,事非经过不知难。我们经过这样的努力,使中国在世界上率先回升向好,从而避免经济建设遭受重大的挫折。这一点是举世公认的。至于通货膨胀,我方才已经多次讲过,这次通货膨胀是国际范围内的,在很多新兴国家,CPI都达到8%以至10%,原因我也已经分析了。我们注意在抑制通货膨胀中,要管好货币。也就是说要控制市场的流动性,从根本上消除通货膨胀的基础。The government introduced a four trillion RMB yuan investment plan. I have given a detailed explanation about the composition of the investment in my government work report. I think the crux of your question is about the impact of the financial crisis on the Chinese economy, whether the impact is a small one. I would like to say that one cannot fully appreciate the difficulty unless he has experienced it in person. Thanks to the hard efforts, we managed to make the Chinese economy one of the first in the world to achieve a recovery and rebound and avoid serious setbacks in China#39;s economic development. These achievements are widely recognized. With respect to inflation, as I said before, inflation is now a global issue. Some emerging economies experienced 8% or even 10% of CPI rise and I have explained our views on the causes of inflation. I would like to stress that in fighting inflation we must appropriately manage the currency environment and control market liquidity. That will root out the fundamental cause of inflation. /201204/178341

How many ways are there to say ;No; without offending anyone#39;s feeling? Well, there is ;No, I can#39;t;, ;No, I don#39;t have time; and ;No, I don#39;t want to;. But the problem is that many of us try to avoid situations that require us to say ;No; to people. In almost every culture this little word is associated with rejection, failure, egoism and a lack of tact and empathy towards others. 有多少种方法在拒绝时而不得罪人呢? ;不行,我没法做。; ;不行,我没空。; ;不行,我不想做。; 但是问题在于,我们很多人都想避免对别人说;不;。 几乎在每种文化中,;不;这个字都和拒绝、失败、利己主义、应变能力不足、缺少同情心联系起来。 I can not recall how many times I have eaten burnt, undercooked, bland and poorly tasting dishes simply because I did not want to hurt the feelings of the person who had cooked them. Or the times when I bought something, I did not need, because I felt guilty leaving a shop empty-handed after spending 20 minutes of the shop assistant#39;s time. 我记不起来有多少次,我因为不想伤害做饭的人的感情而吃掉糊了的、夹生的、平淡无味的或味道很差的食物。 我也记不起来有多少次我买了不需要的东西,只是因为我觉得花了导购员20分钟的时间两手空空离开会有一种负罪感。 How do you say ;No; without offending anyone or feeling guilty afterwards? There is a great lesson to be learned from such approach to communication. 怎样说;不;而不冒犯他人或之后自己没有负罪感?我们可以好好学习一下这种沟通的方法。 If just like me, you sometimes find it difficult to be direct about saying ;No;, you can still be assertive and express you disagreement in a more subtle, yet equally powerful way. The great thing about this method is that it gets your point across without making you look bad, unprofessional, insensitive or uncaring. 如果你和我一样,有时你会发现很难直接说;不;,但是你依然可以自信地用更加微妙、同样有效的方式表达异议。 这种方法的精妙之处在于,既能表达你的意思,又不会让人觉得你很差劲、不够职业、不够敏感或漠不关心。 Here are 7 Sneaky Ways to Say ;No; without Offending Anyone 下面是7种拒绝而不伤害他人的委婉方法: 1.;This sounds interesting, but I have too much on my plate at the moment.; 1.;听起来很有趣,但是我现在有太多的事情要做。; When you start your disagreement with a compliment: ;this sounds interesting;, it makes the person less defensive and gives you a valid reason to decline ;I have too much on my plate at the moment;. 如果你在表达异议时用赞美开头:;听起来很有趣;,会让人的心理防御降低,这时你可以用正当理由来拒绝,如;我现在有太多的事情要做。; 2.;I#39;m sorry but last time I did ___, I had a negative experience.; 2.;不要意思,上次我这样做时,我很难受 。; This is a life-saver for me every time I have to explain to people that I do not eat meat. Before I would say that I was a vegetarian, but for some reason this explanation has never worked on hospitable Italian grandmothers. They would try to feed me bacon, sausage and octopuses (yuck!) explaining it with ;this is not meat; or ;I just put a little in this dish;. 当我每次需要向他人解释我不吃肉时,这句话是我的救命稻草。在此之前,我通常说我是素食主义者,但是不知什么原因,这种解释对好客的意大利奶奶们一点儿用也没有。她们总是让我吃培根、香肠和章鱼(真难吃!),并向我解释;这不是肉;或;只放了一点点儿。; Now I simply say, ;I#39;m sorry, but I can not eat meat. Last time I did, I had a terrible headache.; And it works like a charm, because no one wants to hurt you on purpose. 现在我只是说,;不好意思,我不能吃肉。上次我吃肉时,我头疼得很厉害。; 这非常管用,因为没人想故意伤害你。 The focus here is not on what you want or do not want to do, but on your previous bad experience. 这里要注意的是,关键不在于你想要什么或不想做什么,关键在于上次你这样做很难受。 3.;I#39;d love to do this, but ____; 3.;我想这么做,但是____;。 This is a great way of saying that you like the idea, you are willing to help, but you just can not do it at the moment. 这是一种很好的方式,说你喜欢这样做,你想去帮忙,但是你现在没法做。 Note: Just do not go into a lengthy justification of why you can not do it. 注意:不要进一步说明你为什么不能做。 First, it is not necessary. Time is a limited resource and when you say ;yes; to one task, you have to say ;no; to other opportunities that might be more important, urgent and beneficial to you at the moment. Second, offering a lengthy explanation makes you sound guilty and unsure, so people might push further to see if you will agree. 首先,没有必要。每个人的时间都是有限的,当你对一项任务说;是;的时候,你就不得不对另外的一些机遇说;不;,尽管那些机遇现在对你来说可能是更加重要、紧急或有益的。另外,进一步解释会让你有种负罪感和不确定感,人们可以进一步劝说你看你是否会同意。 4.;I#39;m not the best person to help on this. Why don#39;t you try X?; 4.;我不是这项任务的最佳人选。要不你们看看X行不行?; If you feel that you can not contribute much to the task, have no time or lack the resources, do not beat around the bush! Let the person know it up front. This, however, does not mean that you can not be helpful. You can still refer the person to a lead they can follow up on. 如果你觉得你不能在任务中投入太多精力,没有那么多时间或缺少资源,那就不要拐弯抹角!让别人知道。这样,别人就不会觉得你没有帮忙。你可以推荐他人供他们参考。 5.;I can#39;t do this, but I can do ____ (less commitment).; 5.;我不能这样做,但是我可以 ___(做出较少的承诺)。; This is another variation of the previous method. You are saying ;No; to a request, but you are still offering your help on your own terms, choosing the easier, less time-consuming commitment. 这是前面那种方法的变种。你虽然是对别人的请求说;不;,但是你仍然提供帮助,选择相对简单、需要较少时间的方式。 6.;You look great, but ___ does not do you justice; 6.;你看上去很棒,但是___不是很适合你。; This is a great way to diplomatically express your opinion when someone asks you a question about their appearance, without hurting the other person#39;s feelings (especially if the person asking you is your friend, your superior or your spouse). 当别人问你外貌方面的问题时,这是一个既能表达出你的想法却又不伤害别人情感的好方法。(尤其当那个人是你的朋友、上级或配偶时)。 7.;That sounds great, but I just can#39;t put one more thing on my calendar for the next few weeks. Let me call you ___ (specific time range).; 7.;听起来很不错,但是接下来的几周,我的行程已经排得满满的了。等我在__时(具体的时间范围内)打电话通知你。; Sometimes you might get a proposal, an idea or a request that sounds interesting. But considering the amount of tasks on your to-do list, you do not feel like taking another commitment just yet. 有时你可能会得到一个有趣的提议、想法或请求。但考虑到你任务清单上的内容, 你可能不想做出其他承诺。 In this case, instead of saying a straight out ;No;, you are giving yourself time to reflect before making a final decision: ;Let me call you ___ (specific time range).; 在这种情况下,与其直接说;不;, 不如争取时间想想再做决定:;等我在__时(具体的时间范围内)打电话通知你。; However, if you are not interested, do not leave the person hanging on. Use other ways to say ;No; that are more definitive (e.g. methods #1,#2 or #3). It is more disappointing when the person is counting on you and you let them down. 然而,要是你不感兴趣的话,就不要让别人等待。使用另外几种明确说;不;的方式。(如方法#1、#2或#3)。如果别人指望你,而你让他们扫兴的话,那样会更令人失望的。 /201207/191775

Former NBA player Yao Ming may have been a star on the basketball court, but he moves onto an unfamiliar arena - the private equity arena - following reports he has bought and rebranded Chongqing Yufu Assets Management Group. 前美国职业篮球联赛(NBA)球员姚明在篮球场上或许是个明星,但现在他开始涉足私募股权这个他并不熟悉的领域了。有报道称,姚明接手了一家基金管理公司,并将公司更名为重庆渝富弘远股权投资基金管理公司(Chongqing Yufu Assets Management Group)。 He joins a club of other celebrities that have also moved into the private equity world, including U2 singer Bono, who co-founded media, entertainment and technology investment firm Elevation Partners, and former NFL quarterback Steve Young, now a managing partner and co-founder of Huntsman Gay Global Capital. 其他明星也有移师私募股权业的,如U2乐队主唱波诺(Bono)联合创立了专注于媒体、和科技投资的私募股权基金Elevation Partners,美国国家橄榄球联盟(NFL)前四分卫杨(Steve Young)联合创立了私募股权基金Huntsman Gay Global Capital,现为该基金执行合伙人。姚明现在也加入了这些明星的队伍。 Although athletes and celebrities may not always have financial background, they do bring star power, especially when it comes to fundraising. 虽然运动员和明星可能并不总是拥有金融背景,但他们确实会带来一定的明星效应,特别是在筹款方面。 #39;One thing famous sports and music figures bring to a private equity firm is brand awareness, which certainly cannot hurt fundraising,#39; said Bruno Roy, managing partner of McKinsey amp; Co.#39;s office in Beijing. #39;Everyone will take a meeting with Bono, Steve Young and Yao Ming.#39; 麦肯锡(McKinsey amp; Co.)驻北京的执行合伙人罗颐(Bruno Roy)说,知名运动员和音乐人给私募股权公司带来的一大好处就是品牌知名度,这对筹款来说当然是有百益无一害的,每个人都想找机会与波诺、杨和姚明见面。 Indeed, the mere mention of Mr. Yao could also be good for his recently-bought firm#39;s deal sourcing, said Alberto Forchielli, a founding partner of Mandarin Capital Partners. Mr Fortchielli noted, however, that #39;[Mr. Yao] alone can spot good opportunities, but can still lose money if the deal is poorly executed.#39; 曼达林基金(Mandarin Capital Partner)创始合伙人福尔基耶利(Alberto Forchielli)说,对他近期买下的这家机构来说,仅仅是提到姚明这个名字就有可能为招揽业务带来好处。不过他也指出,单凭姚明一人是可以发现好机遇,但如果项目执行得不好,可能仍会亏钱。 And while Mr. Yao may have a strong track record on the court, all that#39;s going to matter is his track record in the private equity world. 虽然姚明在球场上可能有着辉煌的过往,但现在最重要的是他在私募股权界的业绩记录。 #39;If he can grasp deal structuring concepts quickly and can intelligently participate in discussions, he could be a tremendous asset,#39; said one Beijing-based venture capital investor, noting that other celebrities have a history of mixed results when it comes to investing. 一位驻北京的风投人士说,如果姚明能很快领会交易架构的概念并且能理智地参与相关讨论,他可能会成为私募基金的一笔宝贵财富。这位投资人指出,其他明星在投资方面的表现有好有坏。 On top of this, returns from sport-related deals are #39;generally lousy,#39; said Mr. Forchielli, highlighting that #39;private equity always stays away from them.#39; He added that in European soccer, investors have lost money #39;big time,#39; pointing to this month#39;s sale of Manchester ed, which only raised 0 million from an expected 0 million. 福尔基耶利说,与运动有关的交易回报一般都很糟糕。他强调说,私募股权总是离这些交易远远的。他还说,投资者在欧洲足球那里亏了大钱。本月,英国足球俱乐部曼彻斯特联队(Manchester ed)上市仅筹到了3亿美元,而他们本来期望能筹到5亿美元。 Although the jury is still out on Mr. Yao#39;s move into the private equity world, #39;his experience in dealing with locker room dynamics while at the Houston Rockets will serve him well when dealing with fractious corporate boards,#39; said Tom Tsao, founder of Shanghai-based Gobi Partners. 虽然姚明进军私募股权业结果如何现在还不得而知,但位于上海的风投企业戈壁合伙人有限公司(Gobi Partners)创始人曹嘉泰说,姚明在休斯顿火箭队(Houston Rockets)衣帽间里与人打交道的经验应该会让他有能力与那些难对付的公司董事会打交道。 #39;He#39;s got personal experience in building a global brand [his own] that many companies will find useful. And if he can dunk over Shaq, I#39;m sure he can handle a stubborn CEO,#39; said Mr. Tsao. 曹嘉泰说,姚明在打造他个人全球品牌方面有其独到的经验,很多公司会发现这一点很有用,如果他能盖大鲨鱼的帽,我相信他也能与固执的CEO们周旋。 News of Mr. Yao#39;s move was previously reported by Reuters. 姚明进军私募股权业的消息此前路透社(Reuters)曾报道过。 /201208/197275

The female mind has always been a complete mystery to most men and their enigmatic thoughts and actions almost impossible to decode ; until now.女人的心思对大多数男人而言总是那么深不可测,直到现在女人们谜一般的想法和行为还是令人费解。Finally the closely-held secret of whether a woman fancies someone has been exposed and experts have found it is all in the eyes.终于,专家发现了女人芳心暗藏之秘所,原来是在眼神之中。A new study looked at how and where women glance after a man makes initial eye contact and found this shows him all he needs to know about his chances of romance.一项新研究观察了女人在和男人初次目光接触后眼神如何变化,以及把目光投向何处,发现男人可以从中得知他所要知道的一切;;有戏还是没戏。What happens in the 45 seconds after meeting makes it crystal clear if love is in the air or whether the hapless male suitor will get the cold shoulder, experts have said.专家说,是爱情即将降临,还是不走运的男性追求者就要被拒绝,见面45秒后结果就清晰可见。Life coach Ali Campbell says in his book #39;More than Just Sex#39; that the look men want to see is her looking down and then moving her eyes in a sweeping motion across the floor because it almost certainly means that she is attracted to you.生活教练阿里bull;坎贝尔在他的书《不只是性》中写道,男人想看到的;动心;表现是女人往下看,然后视线在地上扫来扫去,因为这基本上表示女人对你有意思。This glance means that she is checking her internal emotions, in short, she likes you but is working out how much.这种扫视意味着她在审视内心的情感,简而言之,她喜欢你,但正在掂量有多喜欢你。And in a complete reversal the disinterested, shy or bashful look sideways a woman often gives is not the brush-off most men thought it was.女人经常会漠然或害羞地看向一边,这根本不是大多数男人以为的在表示拒绝。It is in fact the opposite.事实上,正好相反。If a woman looks away for up to 45 seconds and then stares you straight in the eye it is another sure sign that she is interested because she is thinking hard about whether you are a suitable partner.如果一个女人向一边看了45秒,然后又直直地正视你的眼睛,这确定无疑地表示她对你感兴趣,因为她正在努力思考你是不是一个合适的伴侣。If after the man makes eye contact she instantly looks over his head or stares straight back at him it is almost certainly curtains.如果在男人和她目光接触后,她立刻把视线移到他头顶,或直直地盯着他,这基本上就可以确定没戏了。Also if she touches her hair she is attracted to you and if she twirls the ends then she really likes you.另外,如果她触摸自己的头发,那么她对你有意思,而如果她捻弄发尾,那么她真的很喜欢你。 /201203/174903

If you really want to get slim, you may need to shed some of your heavier friends, scientists say.科学家表示,如果你真想减肥,可能得避免跟胖朋友厮混了。Researchers from Loyola University in Chicago found that students were more likely to gain weight if they had friends who were heavier than they were. However, they were more likely to either slim down, or at least gain weight at a slower pace, if their friends were leaner than they were.芝加哥洛约拉大学的研究人员发现,如果朋友比自己胖,学生本人也很可能变胖。反之,如果朋友比自己瘦,那么本人则会变瘦,或者至少不那么容易变胖。Dr David Shoham, who led the study, said their findings, published in the journal PLoS ONE, could help them develop better interventions to treat obesity in teenagers.大卫-索哈姆士组织了此次研究,研究成果发表在《PLoS ONE》杂志上。他认为这有助于他们更好地治疗青少年肥胖问题。;We should not be treating adolescents in isolation,; he was ed as saying by the Daily Mail. The study was designed to find out the reason why obesity and related behaviours appear to cluster in social networks.;青少年肥胖问题不可孤立对待。;他对《每日邮报》说道。该研究旨在探究社会中肥胖及相关行为为何扎堆的问题。The researchers wanted to know whether it is because friends influence one another#39;s behaviour or is it that teenagers befriend people who look similar to themselves.研究人员想要查明,肥胖到底是受朋友影响,还是青少年喜欢跟气息相投的人扎堆的原因。They examined data from two large high schools - one refered to as Jefferson High located in a rural area and has mostly white students and another mentioned as Sunshine High was an ethnically diverse urban school.他们研究了两所大型高中的数据:一所是位于郊区的杰斐逊高中,以白人学生为主;另一所则是位于城市的阳光高中,各种族学生都有。Students were surveyed during the 1994-95 school year and surveyed again the following school year. Researchers examined data from 624 students at Jefferson High and 1,151 students at Sunshine High. Their body mass index was calculated from their height and weight. A BMI over 25 is considered overweight and a BMI over 30 is considered obese.1994年到1995学年间,学生接受了一次调查,次年又被调查了一次。研究人员研究了杰斐逊高中624名学生以及阳光高中1151名学生的数据。学生的体重指数按照身高和体重计算。体重指数大于25为超重,大于30则为肥胖。The researchers found that even after controlling for this friend-selecting process, there still was a significant link between obesity and a student#39;s circle of friends.研究人员发现,即便对择友过程进行了控制,肥胖问题和学生所交的朋友仍然大有关系。If a borderline overweight student at Jefferson School had lean friends there was a 40 percent chance the student#39;s BMI would drop in the future. However, if they had obese friends there was a 15 percent chance they would slim down.在杰斐逊高中,肥胖学生如果有苗条的朋友,他的体重指数以后就有40%下降的几率。但是,如果他交了胖朋友,日后变瘦的几率就仅有15%。The findings show that social influence ;tends to operate more in detrimental directions, especially for BMI;, said the authors.研究人员说,结果明社会影响的;不利作用似乎很大,尤其在体重指数上。;;Effective interventions will be necessary to overcome these barriers, requiring that social networks be considered rather than ignored,; Dr Shoham said.;有效的干预将有助于克上述问题,不过社会影响必须得到重视。; 索哈姆士说道。He noted that the study relied on self-reported data and was collected over a decade ago. Nevertheless, the results raised important questions about peer influence, he said。;Our results support the operation of both homophily and influence,; he added.他还表示,此项研究的数据是十年前自动报告的数据,但研究结果还是引起了人们对同龄影响的疑惑。他说:;研究结果明遗传和社会影响都能导致肥胖。; /201207/192425

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