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福州市男科电话福建看男科医院Background: 十年前,在泰国做木材运输的一只大象Motola 踏中地雷,被迫截肢,失去了她的左前足。Motola 的不幸遭遇引起了国际社会的同情, 捐款纷纷涌入。现在她已经年满48岁,值得庆幸的是经过现代医学和一家专门设计人工假肢的慈善机构的持,她的左脚装上了义肢,终于能再一次脚踏实地了。 【文本】It was during a break from hauling logs that Motola, foraging for food, stepped on a land mine. A fortnight later, at Lampang elephant hospital, five surgeons and twelve nurses worked for three hours to amputate Motola's front left foot and save her life. Her fate drew attention to the border region between Thailand and Burma, which is littered with land mines. And the television pictures showing the elephant hobbling on three legs, weeping with pain, had people donating thousands of dollars for her treatment within days. But it was six years until Motola was well enough to be fitted with her first, provisional artificial limb: a sawdust-filled canvas shoe. Since then, experts at the Prostheses Foundation, a charity that normally produces cheap but efficient prosthetic devices for humans, took a cast of Motola's leg to mould a proper foot for her. If she is happy with the new, much more stable device, Motola will be able to walk around with a little elephant called Mosha. She was only a baby when she too stepped on a land mine. Her first artificial leg was fitted in 2007. Mosha is doing well and, having outgrown two prosthetic limbs, the three-year-old is now walking around on a third. /201008/111118浦城县医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 情景对话:Hi, Doctor. I don’t feel so great. 医生,我感觉不是很舒。Hmmm, you know, you don’t look well. 哦,你看上去是不太好。I think you need an immediate examination! 我想你必须立即接受检查。Why don’t you lie down? 为什么不躺下呢?Tell me, are you taking any medicine? 告诉我, 你吃了什么药吗?No. 没有。Has anyone else looked at you before you came here? 到我这里之前你还请教过什么人吗?Well, I talked to the owner of the drug store across the street. 我找过街对面一家药店老板。What? That quack? 什么! 那个江湖骗子?He’s full of hot air! 他什么都不懂!他什么都不懂!What kind of useless advice did he give you? 他都给你出了什么馊主意?He…he… he suggested I come see you! 他。。。他。。。他建议我来找你!单词Doctor 医生medicine 药store 商店street 街道,道路要点I feel …我感觉….I don’t feel so great. 我感觉不是很舒.I don’t feel well. 我感觉不是很舒.I feel better now. 我现在感觉好些了.Why don’t you …? 你为什么不….?Why don’t you lie down? 为什么不躺下呢?Why don’t you take a taxi? 你为什么不坐出租车?Why don’t we go out for a walk? 我们为什么不出去走走?Well, I talked to the owner of the drug store across the street. 我找过街对面一家药店老板.What kind of useless advice did he give you? 他都给你出了什么馊主意?Suggest ….建议….He suggested I come to see you. 他建议我来找你.I suggest you wash your hands. 我建议你洗一下手.They suggested we stay in Shanghai for another two weeks. 他们建议多们在上海再呆两星期.Quack 江湖医生, 冒充医生的Don’t believe him, he is a quack. 不要相信他, 他是个庸医.Hot air 空想,空话 /200907/77252福州市人民医院男科预约

建阳市立医院有泌尿科吗每日一句口语:The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are stronger at the broken places. 生活总是让我们遍体鳞伤,但到后来,那些受伤的地方会变得更坚强。【知识点讲解】afterward adv.lt;美gt;以后,过后 例句:They came back stage afterward, cooing and to adying to him.她们随后来到后台,对他娇语谄媚。 /201505/372884福州得尿道炎了怎么办 79 Taking a Taxi打出租车....please.请.....A:Manhattan Square,please.请到曼哈顿广场。B:All right,sir.When are we supposed to be there?好的,先生。要求几点到?A:I#39;d like to go around the city,if you don#39;t mind.如果你不介意,我想看看街景。Drop me...........让我下车。A:Drop me at the Manhattan Post Office.我在曼哈顿邮电局下车。B:Well,that#39;s an hour#39;s ride.Why not just post your mail here.那要开一小时,干嘛不在这儿邮寄呢?A:Oh,I#39;m visiting a friend there. B:I see.我要看一位朋友。我知道了。Are you engaged?你的车有人约了吗?A:Are you engaged?有人约你的车了吗?B:No,sir.Can I help you?没有,先生。您要车吗?A:I want sharing Company.B:Oh,hop in.去沙玲公园。上车吧。Could you take us to....?你能送我们到.....?A:Could you take us to the Fifth Avenue? B:Sure.Step in.能送我们到第五大街吗?行,进来吧。A:Is the traffic very heavy this hour?这时候路上车很多吗?B:No.But it#39;s a bit strange today.不多,可今天有点儿怪。Drive me to.....送我去.....A:Drive me to Kennedy Airport,please?请送我去肯尼迪机场。B:I#39;m sorry.My car#39;s taken.抱歉,我的车有人约了。A:Where is the next taxi stand?下一个的士站在哪儿?B:Not far away.It#39;s over there.不远,就在那儿。Is this taxi taken?这车有人用吗?A:Excuse me ,is this taxi taken?请问这车有人用吗?B:No.May I help you?没有,需要帮忙吗?A:Would you please drive me to chinatown?送我去唐人街好吗?B:Oh,that#39;s where I#39;m going.噢,我也正要去那儿呢。Can you make it?你能赶到吗?I#39;ve got to be at the headquarters of City Bank by 10:30.Can you make it?我要在10:30之前到达花旗总部,你能赶到吗B:Sure. A:Is this the right road?当然。我们的路线对吗?B:Yes,this is the road without much traffic.对,这条路车少。Please take me to.....请把我送到.......A:Please take me to London Hotel.请送我去伦敦宾馆。B:OK.When should we be there?好吧,什么时候到?As soon as possible,cause I#39;ve got an important meeting to attend.赶快越好,我要参加一个重要会议。B:OK,if there#39;re no hold-ups.好吧,只要路上不停车就行。Pick me up...........去接我。A:Pick me up at the Museum at 5:305:30到物馆去接我。B:All right. Your portfolio,please. A:Oh,thanks.好吧。请带上您的公文包!谢谢。Please send a cab to......请派辆出租车送我到......A:Please send a cab to the Grand Hotel.请派辆出租车到格兰德宾馆。B:Your address,please?您的地址是......?A:162,Sixth Avenue.第六大街162号。B:When do you want this service? A:4:30.Thanks.什么时候去车?4:30,谢谢。Will you give me a ride to....?能送我去.....吗?A:Will you give me a ride to the nearest department store?送我去最近的百货商场去好吗?B:No problem,but the traffic might be heavy.没问题,但是车辆可能很多。A:But it#39;s not the rush hour.可现在并不是高峰期呀?B:People like shopping at this time.这个时候人们喜欢逛商店。Which road should we take to.....?到.....我们该走哪一条路?Which road should we take to No.200 North 12th Street?到北十二道选址00号该走哪一条路?B:It#39;s hard to say .You#39;d better take a cab.说不好,最好坐出租车。A:Can you drive me there? B:All right.您能送我去那儿吗?好吧。How far is it from here to.....?这儿离......有多远?A:How far is it from here to Lincoln Memorial?从这儿到林肯纪念堂有多远?B:Not far,it#39;s only three miles.不远,只有三英里。A:When could we get there?什么时候到达?B:It depends,usually it takes ten minutes.说不准,通常需要十分钟。How much do I owe you?我该付多少钱?A:How much do I owe you?我该付多少钱?B:Four dollars and fifty cents.4.5美元。A:Here#39;s five dollars,you can keep the change.B:Thank you.给你五美元,零头不用找我了.谢谢What#39;s the usual fare for the distance...?.....通常车费是多少?What#39;s the usual fare for the distance from here to the Art Gallery?从这儿到美术馆通常车费是多少?B:Twelve dollars.十二美元。A:How much should I tip you?我该付多少小费?B:Ten percent of the total.总数的百分之十。What#39;s the speed limit on this road?这条路限速多少?A:What#39;s the speed limit on this road?这条路限速多少?B:30 miles.30英里。A:Why so low?怎么这么慢?B:There#39;s a primary school two blocks away.过两个街口有一个小学。How can we avoid the traffic jam?怎么避开塞车呢?A:How can we avoid the traffic jam?怎样才能避开赛车呢?B:No way out.This is the only way to your destination.没办法,到你的目的地就这一条路.A:Our government should do something about it.政府应该采取一些措施才是.B:It#39;s said they#39;ll build an overpass here.据说这儿要建个立交桥。Can we park here?我们可以在这儿停车吗?A:Can we park here?我们可以在这儿停车吗?B:No,this is no parking area.不行,此处禁止停车。A:Where can we park our car then?哪儿能停呢?B:There#39;s a parking lot a block away.下个街口就有停车场?How far have we gone?我们开了多远了?A:How far have we gone?我们开了多远了?B:Eight miles aly.已经八英里了。A:At what speed are you driving? B:65 miles.你的车速是多少。65英里。A:That#39;s a bit fast.挺快的。 /200912/91216福州泌尿专科医院治疗早泄多少钱

福州割包皮去哪比较好听力文本如下:I#39;m sorry to hear that听到这事我很难过 /201504/371481 2014年《福布斯》杂志世界最具权力人物排行榜揭晓,俄罗斯总统普京继2013年之后,再度荣登权力榜榜首,排在第二位和第三位的分别是美国总统奥巴马和中国国家主席习近平。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:Chinese President Xi Jinping was named third on a list of the World#39;s Most Powerful People released by Forbes magazine on Wednesday.福布斯杂志周三公布了全球最具权势人物排行榜,中国国家主席习近平位列第三。【讲解】World#39;s Most Powerful People就是全球最具权势人物。排名榜单(list)前两位的是俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京和美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马。进入该榜单的中国人共有9位,除了习近平外,中国国务院总理李克强排名(rank)第13位。福布斯对习近平的评价为,“今年10月,习近平又获得了一个额外的称号:世界最大经济体(the world#39;s biggest economy)的领导人。他在改革方面卓有建树,他在反腐(anti-corruption)方面付出巨大努力,他的新思维(fresh thinking)让人眼前一亮,他在中国有着惊人的正面公众形象(a surprisingly assertive public profile),他甚至允许媒体发布他的日常生活和工作细节(publish a day-in-the-life account of his workday)”。其他上榜(make the list)的中国人还有和记黄埔有限公司董事局主席李嘉诚(第28位)、电子商务巨头(e-commerce giant)阿里巴巴创始人(founder)马云(第30位)、中国最大的在线搜索公司(online search company)百度创始人李彦宏(第41位)、中国最大的主权基金(sovereign wealth funds)中国国际金融有限公司董事长丁学东(第43位)、腾讯CEO马化腾(第53位)、世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍(第67位)和富士康集团CEO郭台铭(第71位)。排行榜上共有17位国家元首(head of state),这些国家的国内生产总值(Gross Domestic Product,简称GDP)总计达48兆美元,担任企业执行长和董事长者多达37人,这些公司一年的总营收(total revenue)达到3.6兆亿美元。 /201411/340866福州包皮过长的费用是多少钱福州哪家医院看男科的比较出名

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